Sep 30, 2007

In other words II

The story : Osama Bin Laden releases a new video urging martyrs to blow up innocent people and warning the U.S,. "We shall come at you from your front and back, your right and left."

In other words :
We will also come at you from an offset angle, like 2 inches below your shoulder, then we'll do a spin above you and finally a kick-jump-chop called the Drunken Camel. we got this move from the WWE.

The story : Sen. Hillary Clinton will return $850.000 raised by disgraced fundraiser Norman Hsu. "In light of recent events and allegations... we have decided out of an abundance of caution to return the money he raised for campain," says Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson.

In other words :
How were we supposed to know he was a crook? Just becouse he was on the lam for 15 years, and there's a warrant for his arrest, his poster was in the post office and his name was on 10,000 billboards? How could he pop up on our radar screen? Even if he did, we'd never see him , what with all the $100 bills in the way.


ghee said...

Drunken Camel,hahaha! thast very funny Angel! :)

How was your weekend btw?
Have a great week okay?

a big hug!!

ghee said...

Angel,wishing you a very lovely weekend!It could be lovely,right? ;)