Oct 6, 2007

Science facts

I have received some important information via PPS (Power point presentation) about funny science facts, a really neat one that says : " it's a proven fact that on average a person eats six spiders in a year." Another science fact is that "Wood ticks breathe though their butts." This sounds logical to me, since if a wood body, it wouldn't be able to breathe though its face (assuming ticks have faces) unless it was wearing some kind of tiny snorkel, which is unlikely, although I think we all have to agree that "The wood ticks Snorkels" would be an excellent name for a rock band.It may be truth about the average human eating six spiders a year, although I honestly can't remember ever deliberately eating a single one, even in school.
Another fact that caught my attention was; " Eating squirrels brains are considered a delicacy in parts of Kentucky" I did a little research about it and what I found was that; It can be dangerous, because the squirrels might be carrying a form of mad cow disease.

The AP report states that " cooked squirrel brain is about the size of a ping-pong ball and is said to taste something like liver, only mushy."it further states that Kentucky hunters kill and eat 1.5 million squirrels per year, and that some people also cook road -kill squirrels, which is alarming because "a crazed squirrel may be more likely to dash into traffic and get killed" :-)


ghee said...

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Wood ticks breathe though their butts."

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