May 23, 2007

The Realist

I was checking out my friend's Ghee blog and I discover that she took this quiz (further down), it seems to be a lot of fun and just by curiosity i did it too. and this is my result. what can I say about it? it is 90% acurate. do you feel like try it? <--here
The realist - this one suposed to be me.
The objectiveThe Realist, unlike most people, actually has the ability to see the world for what it is, and that it's not all black and/or white. Dreams they may have, but they see clearly despite them. Since they don't want to sugar-coat or something alike, people may perceive them as boring and unimaginative.

Their inputs may not always be wanted if it is encouragement that others seek.The Realist is often seen as wise though, when people understand that they see how it really is. Most the time anyway. They are not flawless after all. Life comes with both good and bad, and so do the realist. Appearing somewhat dull and bland to the world, they usually shy away from people, unless they are with those who they feel comfortable with. A new personality seem to arise then, since the Realist knows they can behave how they truly are with those.Close relationships are valued, but the Realist care very little for shallow ones. They are not after numbers, only deeper relationships that has meaning.

Realists are seldom materialistic or superficial, nor are they trend followers. If they like something, they do, and they stick to it. Changes are not often made, and they prefer what they have already tried before, as they feel more comfortable with it.Though, due to them knowing the world goes both ways, they may feel down, feeling as if they are helpless in the works of the world and its natural forces.

They'd surely appreciate it if the good side won a lot more, and that dreams come true more often. Realists often remain passive, not feeling as if they have any valued action/thought to contribute with. If gone too far, they could become like the Cynical, losing hope in life.Quote:"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." -Robert Byrne.
(I took the picture in flushing meadows park, if you like to see my "Pictures Art click here.)


ghee said...

heyy,Angel dear!!thanx for doing the quiz..90% acurate,right?

this is so`re the have the ability to see the wrold for what it is...

so,you havent been blinded by love,once and for all?hmmm..Mr.Gentle and!

enjoy your night,Angel!!muahhh!

NancyQ said...

Hi Angel!
You have being quiet lately...
Have a great weekend my friend!

Erika said...

Realist ah?? Oooh I don't need to do a quiz to tell me I'm a dreamer... 'coz I know I am... I dream most of the time but love living my dreams too... ;)

Have a great weekend!