May 26, 2007

Angel The New Yorker

If anybody ever took a look on my profile you may notice that, I'm a New Yorker. But not a New Yorker from the city. i'm from Flushing, 15 min away from the city that is.
And I love it, wherever i have something to do i just take my car and i do whatever i have to do, the only thing that i have to face is traffic and 3 0r 4 stupid bad drivers.
But when i go in to the city (Dowtonw) I have to take the train, that sucks big time. and what is really annoying to me is; Human contact, their behaviors.(Deep breath). Here we go.

Human behaviors that bug the living shit out of me:

Train passengers who get up and stand in the vestibule at least one stop before their stop. This requires they get the fuck out of the way of passengers actually getting off at that stop.... EVERY FUCKING DAYTrain passengers who take their shoes off and stretch out. Need I address this?

People who take one, gigantic, final puff of their ciggy before entering a building (my fav is in a revolving door), getting on the train or bus.......then releasing that toxic blast of processed smoke & bad breath into the enclosed, smoking restricted area. Thanks, prick.Addicts who light up and puff WHILE exiting that restricted smoking area. Fuck you & the horse you kiss goodnight.Mentally bovine, retarded masses who insist on getting on the the first two cars of a train in the station with 15 minutes before departure.

This produces a packed and dangerously crowded car which will hopefully roll over when we leave the tracks someday.

Drivers who roll up into the intersection at a red light and sit are frozen in time 25% into that intersection after the light turns green. HELLO!?that's enough for now. i'm having palpitations and my left eye is twiching.



Hola Angel:

Que lindo que te haya gustado mi blog.
En cuanto a tu pregunta de como hacerlo en el tuyo, la respuesta es la siguiente.

En el area de diseño de tu blog, hay una pestaña que se llama editar html, aqui, en la parte superior dice:

Carga una plantilla desde un archivo de tu disco duro
desde ahí se carga un archivo en html, el cual con mucho gusto te envío si me mandas tu dirección de correo electrónico.


ANawtyMouser said...

Haha, let it all out Angel! It's not just in New York... Stupid people do stupid things everywhere! I have a special disgust of thoughtless smokers also. They don't care for their own health so they seem to want to take all of us non-smokers down in their stench.

Anonymous said...


Yea boy let it all out!
I am not sure where to begin. And yes there are sooo many things that bug me about the assholes who ride the train with me. I just recently saw a shoeless asshole and couldn't believe it. But just the other day there was a crazy broad behind me huffing and puffing, grunting and groaning. I wanted to turn around and ask if she needed help. But she got up and spend about a half an hour in the bathroom.
What the fuck was she doing in there so long?????????????
I'm not sure I want to know.
I too grunt and groan under my breath about the creeps behind me in line. I like to extend one of my legs behind me to keep the shitheads out of my personal space.

NancyQ said...

Oops Angel, got some anger in this post, hopefully you were able to let it all out, I wouldn't want to be close to you if you are angry ;-)
Here I don't have to go on the train and where i live is about 40 min away from L.A. so i'm happy about that, although i know there is no comparison to N.Y. (never being there either).
But one of the things that i would like to do if i ever go to N.Y is ride on the train!!!
Good week Angel!

ghee said...

heyyy,Angel dear!!i love this post and written in English ha?thanx!i can relate so well,but seems like the train passengers in your country are ill-mannered than only grief here is the noise of the students.oh i love students,though,the way they talk drive me off the wall.

going downtown,train is the best vehicle,but i dont think i cant enjoy the ride there.i better ride in your car?haha!

ghee said...

and heyy,i didnt bully you by saying how gentle and commpasionate you are coz we all have anger,restrictions and policy in life :)

so,pls dont twitch your eyes thinking of me,LOL!

Anonymous said...


It rained downtown so I was reminded of more THEM.

People who move through a revolving door and stop dead on the other side (like to open their umbrella to prevent melting of the flesh?). Fortunately, you are forced to push them out of the way as you simply have no choice but to (ugh) touch them.

People who come downtown in rush hour (in the rain) with 52 sq ft umbrellas. I certainly enjoy annoying them from 3 feet away by holding up my hand to protect my cornea and just walk through thier obstacle.

breathe in the good, breathe out the bad. serenity now.


Erika said...

Hey! we have a mad Angel here ah?? but I agree with whoever said there's stupid people everywhere... where I live we don't have a train... but driving lately sucks!

cecilia said...
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cecilia said...
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