May 17, 2010

Sexy man.

I was bleeding from my nose this morning because my sickness this was very scary (again), even thought, I feel really good. I was a kind of shaky all morning but the estrange thing about this is that I was dealing with two totally different emotions, I was scared and kind of euphoric, some how happy. Why??
I will post something the soonest I find more about it.

By the way.. on my way home on the train (subway) I was so absorbed on my toughs that I barely notice that a cute lady was .. mmm?! how to say this Taping me on her cellphone?
I mean.. I'm not the hotes guy around maybe a kind of cute but that's it. I wonder what the hell she was thinking?
Is she trying to scare someone at night? (LOL)
No .. Wait.. I'm sexy damn it!!

1 comment:

Ganchito del Cielo said...

hey you! why in english? je

Angelito como tas? que me cuentas te me as perdido del face y hasta del msger, ya tampoco visitas mi blog :( are you ok????

cuentame como te va?