Apr 18, 2007

Windows vista (serch bar) Note to my self

How do i remove the yahoo search bar from my computer?

I have windows vista..the search bar came on the computer.. its on the bar that goes all the way across the bottom of the screen. its not in the uninstall programs thing...and it was really pissing me off becouse I like to customise my PC the way I want and I like. so after beeing playing and trying everything I know about it , I finally find the way to kick this stingy search bar away :-)

Go to control panel/ appearances and personalization/ taskbar and start menu/ then select "customizr icons on the taskbar" Just be sure you know what it is you're removing before you remove anything! :)

Another super cool thing that I just discover.
Is it possible to record the music somehow off YouTube onto your Windows Media Player?

Yes. The method is a little tricky at first, but has great sound quality. It will get much easier after you've done it once or twice.

First, go to the following address and download a free copy of Jodix Free. It is a program that converts Windows WMA files to MP3 format.

Download .com <----CLICK

Next, open your Windows Movie Maker from the start menu (look in Start/All Programs/Windows Movie Maker) .When Movie Maker opens, click the "Narrate Timeline" (the little microphone) icon above the time line. In the little box labeled "Audio Input Source" choose "Stereo Mix" and then check the box labeled "Mute Speakers".Open your web browser and resize it so it takes up only half of your computer screen.

The Windows Movie Maker should take up the other half. When you are ready to record, click "Start Narration" on Movie Maker. Then quickly start the YouTube video you wish to record. You can watch the progress as Movie Maker records the audio track you desire. Adjust the recording level so the recording does not distort.When the video is finished, click "Stop Narration" in Movie Maker and save the results as a WMA file. Use the Windows Movie Maker to edit the track so there is no pause at the beginning by loading your new WMA file and using "Split" from the "Clip" menu and "Cut" from the "Edit" menu to delete any unwanted portions. Save your new results.

Spend a few minutes experimenting and learning how to use the Movie Maker. It is a great audio editor too. You can split/splice, and mix audio tracks. There are options for blending, fading, and adjusting audio features.Use your free copy of Jodix Free to convert newly saved WMA file to an MP3. Simply drag and drop. Save the MP3 and you are finished. You can now play the MP3 on Windows Media Player or burn it to an audio disk.After you have saved your new MP3, you can delete the WMA file to save space on your computer drive.
Ok,ok after all this let me tell you that I don't get a single penny from Downloads.com by doing this huge commersial :-(

Good luck!


Orietta said...

hola mi angelote divino.

bueno al parecer mis ideas han vuelto, eso creo, ya he vuelto y ya deje alguito, luego vere si mi cerebro responde para poder publicar algo en el spaces, pero de apoco no le exigire mucho, si no se pueden agotar las ideas.

mi amor divino, sobre su texto no voy a opinar por que no entiendo ni maiz.

pero le vengo a dejar su mega beso y un abrazote para usted solito nada mas.

se despide cariñosamente su croqueta


Anonymous said...

thanks for coming by my blog. hmm.. wht language is that? French?

ghee said...

heyy,thanx for the info,Angel!!my IE has lots of taskbar that made it so heavy and i dont wanna use it anymore.

this is very helpful to me..

tahnx thanx,hugs,hugs!