Nov 1, 2006

Old traditions

I was greatly upset by some comments that I had in my e-mail towards my entry of "HAPPY HALLOWEEN."

Yes, its origins are pagan, but how dare some people imply that halloween, and the pagan traditions it sprang from, are somehow less than Cristian ?

Will these people give up eggnog and christmass trees (neither of which are biblical and both stemming from pagan tradition) and colored eggs at Easter (also pagan?)

Face it , Christianity has more roots in pagan tradition than you could shake a skull at. I agree that Halloween was a pagan holiday, but now is just for trick-or-treating. So why not just have a Tootsie Roll and lighten up ?


Jael Gabriela said...

You Tell Them My Friend !!!!!!

How Can People be so fast to Judge someone or something w/out even knowing the History , ha ??

If We are Going to site the Bible , EVERYTHING or somethings are not Good or acording to his Teachings .... so WHo's Perfect ????? WHO ?????????????

La Fotito te quedo de pelicula , Ok ??

Que Tengas Un MEGA Bonito Dia oo como se dice alla contigo , Have a Great Day My Friend !!!!!

Cuidate y Hasta Pronto , Bye !!!

Tu Friend That LOvEs yA , Jael ;)

Paula Andrea said...

Totalmente de acuerdo... no entiendo porqué algunos denominados cristianos, quieren ahora impedir que los niños en los colegios disfruten de una celebración como el Halloween. Eso lo vi esta semana en el periódico acá en Bogotá y me parece absurdo... dice que es una fiesta de celebración a la muerte y, adicionalmente, de origen pagano.

Tienes razón cuando dices que la misma Iglesia Católica tiene varios de los ritos paganos incorporados a sus propias celebraciones. Saludos

ghee said...

hmmm,do we really have to take it seriously to celebrate a thing?

we should have or deserve some breaks and halloween is just a part of it,to have fun..

happy weekend! :D

jessica said...

hola angelito que lindo este espacio tuyo, besits cuidate mucho..
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