Nov 24, 2006

911 Once upon a time


Once upon a time

There were 19 Magical Jihadists from a faraway land

They used enchanted box cutters to terrify 8 military-trained professional airline pilots. These pilots were so scared of the nasty box cutters they actually let the magical Jihadists fly four commercial aircraft loaded with innocent passengers. Then the magical Jihadists chanted a secret verse from their Koran making all four planes disappear from the air traffic control monitors. Now they could fly all around the mighty USA air defence system, completely unbothered, for almost 2 hours, Even the mighty Harry Potter on a magic carpet couldn't find them!
Sadly, the Fairy Tale above is a virtual translation of the 9-11 Commision's Official Report.
If you believe the government's ridiculous "conspiracy theory" , then they have an endless global war on "terror" to sell you.
If you suspect the official story about September 11th is a fairy tale,you are 100% correct!

In all story , no steel building have ever collapsed from fire?
VP Dick Cheney was in command of NORAD that morning?
The towers defied physics by falling at freefall speed?
There was a third tower that collapsed that day,a 47 storey steel framed building,and it was not even hit by a plane at all?
That NYC Firefighters reporting from within the towers heard and reported multiple bomb-like explotions?
If you like to do your own reserch I living few links to read. Just click the link.


ANawtyMouser said...

Third tower? I remember watching on the screen when the first tower fell. First thing out of my mouth was that there were explosives set within it to cause it to fall in that manner! Then they told us it was because of the fuel causing such a terrible heat... I don't think we can take anything at face value or by what the media wants to believe anymore!

antireflex said...

Una piba con la remera de Greenpeace (Patricio Rey)

Está dormida
o finge que duerme
llega una mosca
y se posa en su boca
y sin embargo
mi mundo termina en ella
Ya se cansó de dormir
todo el tiempo en sillones
y de taparse la boca
para no gritar
Nunca supo
buscarse la vida
Su cuna fueron
los restos de un Mehari
Cuando se enoja
chisporrotea infumable
Se aparta corriendo
de mamones zoquetes
y fiolos pipiolos
y por las dudas
nunca está cerca de las vías
sin mirar atrás... Mirar atrás
Boca sucia,
pequeña hechicera
una pendeja que hace de vieja
tratando de que
pique algún pavo ingenuo
El jean le aprieta la fresa
y ella es la reina
en paredones que escracha
culeando su estrella
Sueña con algún pajarraco
que le dé un pié y sople su amor
y la alegría por la que su mundo gira
Se aparta corriendo
de mamones zoquetes
y fiolos pipiolos
Usa su lengua como un sable
mientras se ríe y nos apura...
y por las dudas
nunca está cerca de las vías
sin mirar atrás... mirar atrás

Hanna said...

hola angel!!! como vas? y la cajita de mensajes? mmm, un saludo grandote para ti. ya estoy en vacaciones asi que pasare mas seguido.