Mar 22, 2011

Casio G-shock

Some times I just can't believe my bad luck, Today Sunday (my day off) I wanted to make most of the day because is the only day off I have, so I wrote a list of things that I have to get done today, in one of those things was that I have to change the battery on my watch (By the way it is one spensive watch) casio shock 200m water resistant, I have paid 120$ dollars long ago, Well , so I went w/t this fuking Chinese ppl on the street selling and repairing things and I asked the freaking lady.

Scuse me lady. how much to change the battery on this watch? She sew my watch and reply " 7 Dollars"Ok so changed and I'll be back in 20 minutes I just want to go to buy me a pair of pants on models (A store near by). she said ok . so I went and come back just to find that they damaged mi watch. it wasn't working at all.
She told me : we put the new battery and it didn't work. we put back the old battery and still not working. I went.. WHAT? all what my watch was needing was a battery, it was working when I gave it to you, what you mean that is not working at all now?

To avoid a discussion I called the Cop's and they tol me that it was a civil matter and that if I wanted to sue the lady I have to take her to court.
Fuck ! I have no time for that kind of stuff. so I guest that I just have to take that kind of crap and loose my watch like that, what else? I wonder no more why some people go berserk on the street some times.
I bought me a brand new watch casio again . for 90$ I like it a lot but what got me in suspense is the bill that they gave me at the end. (The date I bought the watch) 3-22-11 is like a countdown for something.


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La Gata Coqueta said...

Paso a saludarte mientras me sea posible y el tiempo me lo permita, para acompañarte en el fin de semana, produciéndome una grata emoción compartirlo contigo.

Al permitirme disfrutar de tus entradas, pensadas con la lógica del sentimiento para satisfacción de todos los que tienen el gusto de leerlas y opinar del tema sobre el que verses.

Con afecto por mi parte me despido, hasta otro memento que nos siga aportando reforzar la amistad a través de las palabras en equilibrada armonía...

María del Carmen