Mar 10, 2011

Back to basics

Back to basics, when i decide to make this personal blog I decide to make it in Spanish, it is a language that I do not fully dominate, but I thought that it was my mother language and I wanted to practice in this corner my deteriorate Spanish.
Whit time I start to make some Blog friends, all of them where welcome to my page, but I notice that to many readers start complaining about my faulty orthography in Spanish, Wat a shame (on me that is) so I push my self to do better and I think I achieve some skills with my vocabulary.
But with time wile I was trying to share my "wisdom" with people  or readers that stop by in this page, and I did discover that my way of thinking was very different to all the Spanish community, even thought I'm 1/2 Spanish. yeap my other Alf it is American and I most be proud of it. that's something that I have learned here.
Trying to communicate or expose a situation on Spanish was like bean talking to people on the middle ages, you know? like people from the medieval age (LOL) Their points of view are so narrow and their IQ's leave a lot to wish for.
So I have decide to go back to write in the language I must comfortable with, English, and once in a wile maybe on Spanish, I think I just had it with the bunch of dummies alla afuera.

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~ If you have wonderful friends, put this on your wall. ~
I'm privileged to have many. Thank you, for being you!!♥
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La Gata Coqueta said...

La semana va consumiendo los días lentamente, deseando que el fin de semana sea diferente para abandonar la rutina que el trabajo nos va marcando.

Y de algún modo poder disfrutar de algunas horas libres para dedicarlas aquello que más nos gusta hacer, partiendo de un descanso que sea un referente borrador...

Y como el fin de semana acerca alguna que otra sorpresa, yo te la he dejado en Mis caricias del alma, es un coqueto detalle para seguir tejiendo la trenza de amistad que nos va uniendo mutuamente en cada encuentro.

Espero te guste aunque sea un poquito...

Un beso y una rosa

María del Carmen