Apr 21, 2009

Super doctor (x) to the rescue

Talking about complications with my chemotherapy treatment, the las one i have was when the doctors find an infection in my blod (already taking care of ) but now a 5ml blod cloaght was found in an artery near my heart. So a crew of 4 doctors rush in to my room after they studied the resoults of my last cascan and X ray radiography, telling me the inminent danger i was in. "If the blod cloaght travels to your lungs or your heart youl be toast" if you know what i mean.

So after that they call a scort to swich me to the (ymci) room' Intensive care room' to watch me closely. Than they all left the room with an exeption of this really young doctor he looks to me like 28 or early 30's .
And we wait for the scort to take me to te Intensive care room, and we wait..15,20,30 minutes and my doctor say " This is crazy, do this people undertand that this is an emergency?" So he just star umpluging all the instruments on me and paking my stuff to take me to such a room Hi'm self. And he did.. everybody along the way was telling hem " you are not suppose to to that, we have people to get pay to do this" and he just reply "So where are they when you need one? we being wainting for them for an hour"

So stumbleling and hiting all over the wals he manege to take me in to my room. he promptly call the nuerses to plug me back in to my medicine and all the necesary instruments. He look at me and say.."what a ride ah?" and told hem "Not bad but you gonna need a drivers license" (we bouth laught).
And he finalise with this words " What happend to you as never hapended before, so I gonna write an article about you in the most important medical journal magassine that travels around the world and this matter will be saving lifes in the future."


El Aletz said...

Uff sii!! ahora te vas a sentir soñado porque te van a hacer famoso...prrr!!!

Ves que nada viene en balde?? todo esto tenía que pasar para que ayudaran a más gente con tu caso

Ya falta poco para que estes bien angelo, después vas a leer todos los post que escribiste y te vas a acordar de todo esto con una sonrisototototototota

SOYPKS said...

ay amigo mío la traducción que tengo de los post es muy inconclusa, me gustaría tanto que lo tradujeras, suena grave algunas palabras que pude entender, ay por Dios mi amigo, deseo que todo lo malo haya pasado, te dejo mi cariño y un abrazo.