Apr 17, 2009

God works in a misterius way.(Chemoteraphy problems)

I can't even remember howmany days as already pass cince I came to this hospita to take my 2 weeks chemoterapy. unfurtunatly something whent wrong, the doctors discover an infection in my chest medi port (divice to inject medicaments inplanted inside my chest, under the skin). and for this reason the medic staff decide to remove it to fight the infection with antibiotics. Well to make the history short they did remove it just to find out that such instrument couse a blog cloaght 5 cm large. They tolme "This as never happened before it is the first time that we are seeing this) So they have to disolve the blod cloaght with blod thinners. The cloaght was to close to my heart that a operation coul be to risky, so the best way to take care of it will be atacking it with blod tiners. the litle problem with this is that the blod cloght can brake lose and travel to my heart or my lungs, so they must watch my develoments closely and they transfer me to the Intensive care room. So far I still dealing with antibiotics and blod tinners, the infectios is gone but the blod cloght I must deal with it for several weeks.
One young doctor told me " This has never happened before so i will made an article in a medical journal magassine, you gonna made me famous" Just great! it never happened before but it happen to me. But.. I never being to pesimist in my life even in this particular case i must say that, By this to happen it means that it could hapen again. so to avoid that it is good to know that doctors are getting prepared to deal with this kind of situation, maybe they will do things diferent from now on, and the problem I have could be saving lifes around the world. God works in a misterius way.


Alicia said...

Hola Angel, paso a saludarte y de paso te digo que para Dios no hay nada imposible y que todo saldra sigue con esa misma fortaleza y recuerda que lo tienes a el a cada momento y donde te encuentres...

God Bless You!

Mariana Alvez Guerra said...

Querido Angel, no sabes como admiro tu fortaleza. Dios esta cuidandote y todo sucede por una razon, vive a pleno, sonrie todos los dias, porque tu eres un maravilloso obsequio que Dios nos ha dado. Continua sonriendo, es todo lo que importa.

Morrigan said...

Solo una cosa... intenta sonreir todos los dias, pues el dia que no sonrias, será un dia perdido.
Un abrazo desde Valencia, España, de una amiga.... mmmmmmmmmuaks

ÅNG€L said...

Hola mi querida amiga MORRIGAN. disculpa q te tenga que contestar tu comentario desde mi blog, se que es una rudesa de mi parte pero con eso de q estoy tomando quimoterarpia me encuentro en el hospital. y aqui estare por 14 dias mas o menos.
Por tal razon la unica forma de mantenerme en contacto con los amigos es mi pequenio cellullar. y por desgracia hay veces q no puedo entrar a ciertos blogs por ser muy pesados en datos me imagino.
Asi q desde aqui te agradesco tus palabras de aliento y el besote tronado ;-).
Disfruta de tu fin de semana mi linda amiga. y hasta el rato.