Jun 12, 2007


Today I felt some degree of depression through another’s pain.
I found it necessary to take a walk through the woodland.
I realised the beauty of my surroundings.
I felt the sunshine on my back.
I heard the birds in the trees.
Then I came home to the thoughts of my friends pain.
The mundane tasks I still had to complete.
Also remembering just how lucky I am to be where I am today,
with water, food and clothes.
With a beautiful woodland to walk through and to be able to hear the birds in the trees singing happily.
Today I am happy I’m alive.


PatyC said...

Finding time to find ourselves is the best medicine for the soul Angel. Hope your friend is doing well, but is all part of the cycle of life, some times up, some times down.

NancyQ said...

Ins't it beautiful whenw are able to feel it through our own skin?
God Bless you Angel, this is a beautiful post.

Naul said...

I like your blog, i have tasted that feeling sometimes, the one that could only can bee feel when you are in armony, you are grateful whit the world so you can apreciate its wonders, evfen when u r taking another's pain, have an exelent day all the days of ur life
take care

ugly lady said...

Just passing by for the first time...
nice post!
take care you and your friend.

PatyC said...

Oye, ya te relajaste mucho no crees? No te creas espero y te estes divirtiendo!

Un Duende said...

Hola, siento decepcionarte pero el de la foto no soy yo, es un presentador de TV en España ( es Andreu Buenafuente, puede que su programa se emita en NY también por el canal digital). Yo no salgo en la tele, solo soy su fan pero me alegro de que te guste mi blog de todas formas.

saludos y gracias!