Oct 27, 2006

Browser battles

Mozilla debuts upgrade to firefox days after rival Microsoft releses version 7 of internet Explorer
Here are some of the new feturesbuilt into Firefox 2 and internal Explorer 7 . Some features may have previusly been avalible through optional add-ons.
  • Protects users from phishing
  • Suggest search terms based on what the user types in the search box
  • Opens links by default in new tabs in new tabs insted of new windows
  • Can resume a brousing session,continuing with the same pages, after a sistem reboots or crash
  • Checks spelling on Web forms
  • Inproves management of add-ons.

Inetrnet Explorer 7

  • Protects users from phishing
  • Reduces clutter in the browser
  • Open Web pages in separate tabs
  • Can muve among tabs via thumbnails views of the contents in each tab
  • Inpruves print-capability

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