Jun 1, 2006

No time for me.

Well you may have noticed a lack of blogs on my page .There are many reasons for this,such as I have been wicked busy,sick and just couldn't be bothered to write anything, And to make things worse I start at Action at the end of the week,Which means I will be even busier,however means I will have money again wich is always good .

At this point in time I feeling like shit. I know most people get sick a lot, However im sick problably once a year. Which sounds good, but when I finally do get sick, I get it all and it's not cool.
Have a good one.
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Time for a new song .I hope you people like it, it is one of my favs.(a little respect) ERASSURE "Iguess" can't remember it.

Love has a way of blinding even the sharpest minds.We don't look becouse we don't want to see thir true side. But once love has been stripped away, then we see the real person clearly. They're reveled to us with all their flaws,their foibles,and their secrets..


esperpento said...

Bueno, de lo que escribiste aca, ya te dije el ingles ni de coña, pero me pase por " Solo para tus ojos ", me encanto el post, genial, de todas las maneras no debemos olvidar algo: " EL, nos dio libre albedrio ", en nuestras manos esta el uso que hagamos de el. Besos mi angel.

esperpento said...

Pasa por mi pagina, el los deberes de jota te deje algo a ti.

esperpento said...

Angel usted como que no me postea mucho por aca.
mira te dejo esta direccion, pasate hay un post que te va a gustar,el tema del machismo en la biblia.

¿ Y que pasa con los deberes ? jajajaja.
Besos desde España for you.