Dec 5, 2006

That's right.

Wile driving to work this morning, I sew on the car on front of me this nice bumper-sticker that make perfect sense.

Yesterday is history
Tommorow is a mystery
and today, today is a gift
that's why it's called the present.


Orietta said...

hola angelito:

ya estoy otra vez aqui posteando, asi que anda a ver mi arbolito de navidad jaja creo que me quedo muy lindo!!! si, andale si?? no seas malito.

chauu cuidate mucho, mil besos


ghee said...

Hi Angel!

hmmm,very meaningful sentence...i got the point :)thanx for writing them down in English :)

btw,about ytour question on my blog,ive answered the same to a spanish blogger/reader of my blog,too :)

I thought you knew that Im not a Japanese.Im a filipina,Im from the Philippines but married to a japanese thats why I am base in Japan :)

I teach english conversation that makes my day pass by so quick,too busy with my kids,too :)

thats my real nickname,ghee,came form "Gina".

so,does it matter now?LOL!
thanx anyway for getting to know me better.

why do you have a bad day?